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    "A journey into the heart of the world as you explore the origins of our coffee".


SierraCo. is a sustainable development company that partners with indigenous and farmer community cooperatives from Colombian coffee regions; specially from Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We offer FOB and transparency farm gate prices with special logistic export services to provide the highest possible percentage profits to coffee farmers.
Our portfolio is focus on Premium, Organic, Varietals, and our special wild enlightened Coffee`s that goes beyond organic. For over 500 years, Indigenous Communities have developed knowledge about agroforestry rooted in native cosmology and their way of life. We believe the time is ripe for the world to embrace the ancestral wisdom coded in their approach towards ecology.


SierraCo. was born from a deep inspiration and love for nature. Over a decade ago Juan Camilo DíazGranados set out to explore the world. The more he saw, the further he went, the more he thought of and valued his native Santa Marta and the mountains that nurture his hometown. The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the highest coastal mountains in the world; a magical place filled with cougars, iguanas, jaguars, birds, waterfalls, rivers, monkeys, snow, beaches, coconut trees, boulders, ancestral communities, and Colombian coffee.

With his multigenerational local native network and privileged knowledge of the region, Juan Camilo merged his passion for nature and drive to preserve ecosystems by means of agroforestry to give birth to SierraCo.

Since 2010, SierraCo partners with Indigenous communities, farmers cooperatives, and international alliances (Agrocafe Israel and Umuke California USA) to give fruit to a vibrant community that protects the environment whilst serving exquisite organic, wild premium, super premium, and enlightened coffee to thousands of people around the world.


To support rural and indigenous communities in their development of agroforestry processes through the exportation of their organic high grade coffee. To strengthen the connectivity of the Colombian coffee value chain while improving the living conditions of Colombian Coffee Growers.